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The Name Behind

As recently as February 2008 D-MER did not even have a name. It was rarely discussed among mothers and between lactation professionals. It was unknown completely as a physiological condition, and occasionally brought up as a psychological problem.

When Alia Macrina Heise, IBCLC and mother of three, started experiencing what has come to be known as D-MER with her third child she wouldn't let the subject drop. It took no time at all find masses of other mothers like her, so she started a blog and gave D-MER a name. But it took her eight months of non stop probing to find the more qualified lactation specialists who took her case seriously and helped her investigate D-MER.

Alia has worked in lactation for 7 years. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice. Prior to starting her private practice, First Nourishment, she worked for the USDA's WIC program as a peer counselor for 6 years. She is a DONA trained postpartum doula and a DONA trained birth doula.  Lastly, she is the creator of and is a lactation speaker presenting on the subject of dysphoric milk ejection reflex. 

Countless and nameless others have been, and continue to be, key in investigating the cause, mechanism and solution for D-MER as well as bringing D-MER into the light and making it a known and recognized condition. Their time and investment on the subject has been invaluable. Many prominent lactation specialists were brought in from the outside for consult and continued input and information and we value their help and support.

Saying "D-MER"

The "milk ejection reflex" is abbreviated among lactation professionals and referred to as the M-E-R. So, D-MER is not said DEE-MERE, but rather D.M.E.R All the letters names said individually.

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